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November 21, 2010
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art water entry by VNC-Children art water entry by VNC-Children
water color on paper
original size is 10x12 inches

have to agree that my traditional paintings are much better than my digital ones, even though my major mostly deal with digital painting ... I'm too bad

the idea of this painting came just 3 days ago while I was watching cartoon series Mythic Warriors on youtube. It took me 14 hours just to get this small face done. I have to practice much more anyway ...

thank for every visit
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Zarnala Jun 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cái này anh fail về design rồi , mặc dù là rất đẹp nhưng nó không ăn nhập ǵ về sản phẩm này hết
*giờ mới thấy cái này * =(
Tranh bạn vẽ đẹp nhưng tiếc bạn lại thiếu kiến thức về design quảng cáo bao b́a, nh́n tranh của bạn không thể hiện rơ thông điệp nào có liên quan đến yếu tố "nước","sự giải khát", màu sắc lại không được tươi, có cảm giác là rêu xanh chứ không phải nước nên không thể hiện được sự "thân thiện với môi trường"
almost fragile in its beauty :love: her face is just too gorgeous
Michelle-Fennel Dec 1, 2010  Professional Photographer
this is incredible. I wished you would have submitted this piece as a normal art piece as well and not just as bottle entry. i love it.
mikanrock Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, it's very pretty. I love the mix of green in the background and in the hair.

I wasn't sure if I should point this out, since I can't see anybody else mentioning it, and don't know how much important it is, but in step (1) it says 'Your entry should show the Art Water name in whatever design or placement you choose. '

It'd just be a shame if they didn't choose yours just because of that one tiny detail.

Best of luck!!
I actually figured that out 2 days after I posted my entry. But didn't change since I failed another contest and that totally cut me down ...

They'll choose only 1 entry and so far I saw there are 4 much better than mine, so I think I'm gonna fail this, too.

But you're right. I should fight till the end. Thank you so much ... I'll do something with it :)
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